Shanghai Shenanigans

I said I would do a longer post today, I lied.

Surprisingly its really hard to get WiFi access here. Well if you can read Chinese it wouldn’t be a problem.

So here I am again in the same Starbucks knock-off about to hit another nightclub. Another dnb night!!!

Last night was immense, incredible! I haven’t had a night that great in ages. I met lots of really cool peeps and got invited to a party tonight.

The sheer size of shanghai blows me away, it is enormous! I’ve mastered the subway system so I managed quite a lot of exploring today, but more on that later.

Ok I can see that the last post has received views (and even a comment!) So this means its working! However, I cannot view the blog or any of the comments. I’ll try and get a way round this.

Ok I must go, I think I’ve been here too long the staff are staring at me.

Much more next time (maybe)


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