Qing Dynasty

It was another beautiful day today, kind of regretted not wearing shorts!

I spent the day at a popular spot for Chinese tourists, The Slender West Lake in Yangzhou. It’s only about a 10 minute walk out of the city, but once you pass through the gates you feel like you’re in a quite remote area.

I’ll not bore you with the historically details, if you’re interested give Google a razz.

I will say that it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. I would have liked to have gone out on a boat, but I was short on time. Anyways I was extremely content chilling in the sun with my Chinese corneteo. (spelling?)

I’m getting better at crossing roads here, thankfully. My method is…

1. Wait for the green man
2. Dodge the swarm of bikes and ebikes that take off at the same time
3. Run like fuck over the main part of the road (dodging cars and buses that are turning left)
4. Dodge the next swarm of bikes and ebikes on the other side

The whole time repeating “please don’t die, please don’t die…”

I’ve gotten used to the stareing, I think. Well it isn’t bothering me as much anymore. It’s the spitting and haclking, (whatever you know what I mean!) that’s bugging me. Women especially!!!

But that’s China, its a different world!


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