Crazy Changzhou

So on to my third city in China, and what a city!

I really liked Yangzhou, it was extremely beautiful, the people were really kind, and everything was very cheap.

Changzhou however is more my type of city. At a mere 7 million its not exactly quiet, but its not ridiculous like shanghai.

I reckon I’m gona love this city, although I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Today I couldn’t have stood out more as a foreigner unless I had a sign above my head saying Laowai!

First I had an americano from Starbucks. It was beaut.

On a related note, I wish coffee shops would stop asking me if I want it hot or cold??

Next I went to Tesco, (yes Tesco!) and bought lots of western stuff, and some chopsticks.

Then I had a cheese sandwich, with white sliced bread and all! Awesome.

Oh I went to an Apple store here today. It seemed just like every other Apple store I’ve ever been in. Except one small thing….they were playing the crazy frog song! It was at that point I started questioning the legitimacy of the store.

Sorry no pics today 😦 I’m posting this from my mobile on a mobile network unfortunately.


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