Glorious Internet!

AY! I’m on the internet! It’s amazing how comforting the web is. Without it I really do feel like i’m on the other side of the world!
Well anyways, Now that i’m hooked up and plugged in, I’ll have to get my finger out and start actually writing this blog. Actually since I have no idea how to blog, it would be better if this page is looked upon as a madmans ramblings. With no direction, no spell check, and appalling grammar.

Ok sorted!

First of all I must clear something up. People have not been spitting at me!!! Chinese people are really friendly, and accepting of foreigners. (even if they do stare!). I was annoyed with people constantly spitting on the street, and inside, and everywhere except on me actually. If people start spitting on me I will reach the next level of annoyance.


I’ve done so much since my last post that I really don’t know where to begin. There has been so much that I wanted to write about, but at this point I’ve forgotten half of it. It’s also not helped by the ridiculous amount of alcohol that has been consumed.

I’m loving Changzhou! This huge city that most of the world haven’t heard of (that isn’t on most maps), has so much to offer. The nightlife, whilst not on the same scale as Shanghai, is great! I’ve spent most of my nights out on one street. On this street you will find 8 or 9 bars in a row, each one having their individual pull.
In each one of these bars chances are you will meet a foreigner. Which is fantastic as my chinese hasn’t progressed past Hello, Thank you, and not spicy. Beer is reasonably priced, and most of these places have full size pool tables.
Now the downside. Each bar has their own selection of ‘bar girls’, some of them incredibly attractive. Downside?? It is their job to try and get you to buy them a drink. Now this probably isn’t usually a problem for them, however, I’m a cheap bastard!

Now as the year goes on I can see these girls beginning to hate me more and more, for not buying them drinks, but for now I’m receiving quite a lot of attention for for being quite young, and new to the city. Trying to have a conversation with someone other than a bar girl in these places is not easy!

Despite this I have managed to meet quite a few cool people here, and I’m looking forward to more mayhem to come.


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