Before coming to China I knew someday I would wind up in a KTV. It didn’t take me very long!

If anyone is unfamiliar with ‘KTV’, its basically karaoke, and its extremely, extremely popular here. Back home I always hated karaoke, and generally anyone who would partake in it. I would need to be incredible drunk to wind up with a microphone in my hand, and if that was the case the memory would be as painful as the hangover the next day.

But when in China…

So my boss arranged for a few of us to go out to Karaoke at 8pm. The building was pretty unmissable, like everything else in this city at night it was lit up like Vegas. Making my way past the enormous KTV neon sign, I arrived in the lobby slightly dazzled. The lobby felt like the lobby of a nice hotel.

When everyone had arrived we were led upstairs to another lobby. On one side was lots of nice arm chairs and on the other a shop full of alcohol. Extremely cheap alcohol! It was at this point I relaxed a little (It won’t be that bad if i’m drunk!).
Upon purchasing lots of confidence juice, we were led down several corridors to our own private room. The place is like a maze!

The room was quite small actually, and the first thing that stuck me was that the music was deafening!! So quite a nice little room, some seats, a table, beer, 2 microphone, a touchscreen computer, a big screen, and 2 massive speakers.

I let the other sing a few songs first, whilst I slowly browsed through the English collection of songs (drinking beer quickly). I settled on The Beatles ‘Come Together’ as my first song, and to be honest I quite enjoyed it!
The night got better from that point. With the absence of stage fright, and the ever increasing confidence from the beer. I belted out The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’, Linkin Park ‘Faint’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’, and many more.

The evening drew to a close many beers later, with all of us singing the classic from Five ‘Everybody Get Up’!

A great night, I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets a chance. I will be back!!


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