24 Hours in Shanghai

What an incredible city! I’m making a promise to myself that I will visit more often.

I arrived in Shanghai Hongqiao station around 10am, then jumped on the metro is search of my hotel. On the short walk to the hotel, I fell in love with Shanghai all over again. It’s such a contrast from Changzhou. Shanghai is still China, but its a truly international city. This means that people don’t stare at you nearly as much. Secondly having signs in English is really comforting (even if the translations are sometimes hilariously bad!).

The reason for my journey to Shanghai was to sort out my VISA. So I jumped back on the metro, headed over to Pudong, and joined the queue.
I was expecting to be in the offices all day, but I was very wrong. I tip my hat to the employees of that office for their german levels of efficiency. Getting things done in China is usually unnecessarily complicated, sometimes maddening. This was a breeze.
So I was done and dusted by around half 12. Since I was quite close, I headed over to the fake market at the Shanghai Science & Technology station. After walking about for about 10 minutes, I realised I didn’t need or want to buy anything. I was also getting increasingly irritated with the offers of Beats Headphones so I left empty handed.

On to the next mission. Dumplings! Last time I was in Shanghai I ate the most incredible dumplings. So I hunted down the place, and with some idiotic hand gestures and lots of laughing, Mission successful. They were even better than I remembered. I will be making a pit stop here every visit to Shanghai.

Full of dumplings I walked about aimlessly for a while, not doing anything particularly interesting.

Then time for more food rolled around. Through this > www.smartshanghai.com < brilliant website, I learned that a bar was doing an all you can eat mexican happy hour. I was on it.
Tacos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Burritos, and more. I ate until I physically couldn’t eat another bite. This delicious feast was washed down with a margarita, and a couple of pints of carlsberg.

Next off to the Bund. As you can see from the pictures its an incredible skyline. Breathtaking. The pictures don’t quite do it justice. Nor does the video.

You can hear a guy approaching me at the end of the video. I must have been offered a ‘massage’ about 7-8 times on that short walk. I resorted to saying “your not my type”. Only one of them found this funny. After this I wound up in an Irish bar, talking to the man responsible for bringing morphsuits to popularity. You really do meet some interesting people in Shanghai!
The Blarney Stone Pub is a quality little place. Great people, great atmosphere. After a little while I completely forgot I was in China! The musicians were awesome too, they even played the Wild Rover for me!

A guy I met in that pub said to me “Everything you think you know about China is true, but the opposite is also true”.

I completely agree!


I love Shanghai, I’ll be going back very soon.


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