A Sobering Experience

Walking home this evening, I witnessed a terrible accident.

I had just left the supermarket, and was waiting at the lights to cross the road. Just a few meters in front of me a car stuck an ebike (electric moped). The car was traveling quite fast, and didn’t really brake before making contact. The impact made a loud crack sound. The rider separated from the ebike, and landed some distance away with a thump.

This happened in slow motion. Before the two vehicles made contact, I was thinking ‘No, this isn’t about to happen’. Then the rider seemed to hang in the air for a long time.

I was frozen.
The car driver got out, pulled out his mobile to make a call, and without even a glance at the rider on the ground, started inspecting his car for damage. I was filled with a mix of horror, anger, and shock.

Another onlooker rushed over to the fallen rider, whilst the car driver talked on his mobile. The rider lay motionless on the wet tarmac. I watched the good samaritan check for a pulse, then double check. He paused for a moment, before removing his coat and placing it over the riders head. This confirmed what I had been thinking.

On any moment of any given day, my head is impregnated with a million (mostly idiotic) thoughts. As soon as you step outside in China, every one of your senses are completely overwhelmed. The lights, the fireworks, the horns, the smells. It’s mental!

At this moment my mind was still. I stopped, but around me China continued. The once engulfing sights, sound and smells faded to the background.
It was a weighty moment, It fucking hit me, like a tonne of bricks.

Witnessing death is obviously never a pleasant experience, this I know. What really got me how little anyone seemed to give a fuck.

Well Sir, I did.

Witnessing this has had an impact on me. Next week I had planned to buy my own ebike. Call me insane but I am still going to purchase one, however I am now going to part with more cash to get one with disc brakes. I am also going to buy a full face crash helmet.

Secondly, I’m going to try and manage my time better. There is no way of knowing what’s around the corner, so I should be living each moment to the fullest. I intend to do this.


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