Sick Tree, Croissants, Plastic Bags & Weather

Yip, I’m going to do something very Irish and moan about the weather.


The weather has been shite for the last few days. Rain, rain and more rain (thankfully not of the acid variety). It’s been so wet that I actually went and bought an umbrella for the first time in my life. I hate umbrellas.



It has been so fucking wet. Huge pools of water have formed just about everywhere. If you’re lucky (like me) a big truck will come along and make sure you’re totally drenched. Then you will step in a massive hole, and walk back to your apartment with a squelching shoe.


I’ve noticed that a lot of Chinese people put plastic bags over their shoes when it rains. Not a bad idea. My grandad used to put a plastic bag on his head when it rained. Maybe I’ll try a combination of the two, and add an umbrella for good measure, I’m gonna look awesome!

Anyway right after I bought my umbrella, guess what? It stopped raining, yes fucking typical. The worst thing is that now I own an umbrella. So now when I don’t bring it with me, the heavens will open, when its by my side, clear skies.



So this afternoon was beautiful, clear skies + no pollution. NO POLLUTION! I had some croissants and a cup of coffee for lunch sitting in my apartment soaking up the rays. It was delightful

Stepping outside is another story though. The temperatures have dropped, winter has arrived. It’s madness to think that two weeks ago I was strutting around in shorts and t-shirts. The weather is ever changing here, who knows what’s in store for tomorrow?


Oh yea almost forgot! Walking home last night I noticed that a tree was on a drip. I questioned someone about it today. He replied (as casual as ever) “Yes that tree is sick, we must help it recover”. Lol, TIS. (This Is China)


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