Instant noodles

I realise that I haven’t really talked about one of Chinas most interesting topics, FOOD! Well I’m going to start with a bit of a strange one.

China is the home of the noodle. I’ve had so many different types of noodles already, all of them delicious. However today i’m not going to be talking about restaurant food.

Instant noodles are instant noodles, right? Well like everything else, they’re a little different in China.

These little tubs of awesomeness can be found in most places. As they’re cheap at 3RMB a pot, (0.37/£0.30) they’re very popular here. There is a vast choice of different flavours available (I have no idea what most of them are!)

My current favourite is 热牛肉面 or hot beef noodles to you and me!


Upon peeling back the lid, you will find three little packets. One contains the flavouring powder (nothing new here), the second contains little bits of beef, chillies, onion, herbs, and some unknown green vegetable. On to the third packet, this is where the magic happens. This packet contains some kind of paste, and I can only assume this is where the majority of the flavour comes from.

I cannot read the Chinese instructions, but I’m assuming you empty these packets into the pot, then fill up the the line with boiling water. Nothing too difficult here.

These pots are kind of a 2 in 1 kind of deal. You’ve got your noodles, and you’ve also got a tasty soup. Makes a fantastic little snack!

‘Pot Noodle’, you ain’t got shit!

Stay tuned for more culinary treats soon!


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