Man Flu

Its been a bit quiet around here this last while. Sorry about that.


What’s going on in my life right now? Not a lot. I think I’m dying!
That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, I’ve got the flu. The man flu! So usually in this situation, I would head down to the pharmacy and get some beechams or something like that. If I was really bad, I would go to the doctors, and he would sort me out!

But i’m in China, time for a rethink.
Today I called a girl I know, told her that I was dying and I need her help. She brought me to a Pharmacy type place and got 2 boxes of mystery stuff for me. She then demanded I go straight to bed, drink lots of water and take the medicine.


So on to the first box. 666 or 999 I can’t tell what the name is. The box contains 8 packets, and inside these packets is some brown stuff that will apparently make me better. 

So you empty this stuff into a cup and mix with hot water. I can’t really describe the taste of this stuff, its like nothing i’ve ever had before. Its not bad, but its not good either.


On to box 2. NIN JION PEI PA KOA. Again no idea what to expect here. Its a cough sirup I know that much.

JESUS CHRIST, I cannot express how sweet this stuff is. I have discovered the sweetest substance of earth. Foul. At least I only have to destroy my taste buds 3 times daily.
I’m off to bed now to resume dieing. If Chinese medicine does its job, I may be back in a few days. 

I should get myself one of these!


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