Chinese Diet (problem)

Today I feel great. Really great! ‘A million dollars’ as you yanks would say. Why do I feel great? Well over the last few days I have been eating differently. Western food to be precise. Now, its not that i’m happy because i’ve missed western food. Today I feel great because I am full of energy.

Lets review what I have been eating.


Breakfast – X2 Bacon, X2 Eggs, X2 Toast, and a Bulletproof Coffee.

Lunch – 牛肉面 (Beef and Noodles), 茉莉花茶 (Jasmine Tea)

Dinner – Spaghetti pesto, with chicken breast, and glass of milk (Proper milk from Australia)


Breakfast – 2x 包子 (Meat bun thing), and a glass of milk

Lunch – Caesar Salad, and Chicken Breast, and a glass of orange juice.

Dinner – Bacon x4, 2 Eggs, Baked Beans (HEINZ!!!!), 2x Toast, and another glass of milk.

I had a bag of cashews as a snack too.

This morning.

Breakfast – 2x Eggs in a Cup (See Bottom of page for recipe), Bulletproof Coffee

Ok sweet.Upon examining this list, we can see that the majority is not Chinese. Upon looking even further, we can see that the majority of these foods have a high protein count. That’s all there is to say.



Most of the food eaten here in China has very little protein. So i’m going to take a leap here and suggest that this is why the Chinese are smaller than Caucasians. Now I’m defiantly going to get people that disagree with me. (come at me bro!)

But I’m speaking the truth when I say that in general Asians are smaller than Caucasians. Especially the woman. I’m no bodybuilder, but sometime I feel like a giant compared to some of these Chinese girls!

I put this down to a lack of protein in their diet. So this leaves me in a strange situation. I’m going to have to limit my intake of Chinese food. This will be difficult for three reasons.

1. Chinese food is unbelievably delicious!

2. I live in China!

3. Western food is expensive!

I’m off now to to eat lots of tuna!

(NOTE: None of what I have said is based on science. Remember what you are reading is the ramblings of a mad man!)


Egg in a Cup. (Recipe courtesy of my mate Dave)

1. Boil eggs

2. Remove shells

3. Put eggs in cup

4. Add a generous amount of butter

5. Mix it up

6. Add salt and pepper to taste

7. Profit?


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