Blank Slate

As Summer draws to a close, I find myself with more free time. I decided that I’d dive back into blogging. So I revisited my dusty old website for the first time in a few months, and to my horror… its disappeared!

RIP website

After an hour or so trying to retrieve my old posts, I found that this wasn’t possible. That’s it, gone forever. To be honest I’m a little gutted. I was looking forward to going back through the old posts, and reliving the moments when I was still wet behind the ears (so to speak). But hey, shit happens, and there is no point in moping about it.


and so its a new day, a new dawn. Welcome to Irish In Asia 2.0.

Over the next while, I will be getting to grips with the new website. So you might see a few changes until I’m happy with it. But fear not… New content will be wizzing it’s way to you from here in the Middle Kingdom very soon.

Morning ride

empty roads!!


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